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Client: Martin & Lisa
Bitton, Bristol

WOW! Finally got to head back last week to see Martin & Lisa's garden we built towards the beginning of this year near Oldham, Bristol.

I didn't post the pics when we completed the garden as really want to hold off my excitement to let the planting establish and what a result in a few months since we left.

We meet Martin and Lisa in 2019 after being recommended by Lisa's sister we did some work for previously and after a few meetings we passed the design over to Kate @ Kate Savill Landscapes to design a space for their newest member of the family a collectors Shaun the Sheep! On this design Kate planned a new bespoke shed and log store with added pergola for Shaun to live under. A new Bradstone limestone patio in Azure featuring some granite cobbles for added detail around the summer house. The clever use of Oval shapes in the design really complement the existing layout of the garden, with a larger oval to create a lawn area and smaller ones towards the end of the garden to allow more seating and space to entertain, all edged with everedge metal edging in Corten steel to help create the shapes. The design also featured a bespoke timber arbour which really invites you to journey up the garden before you meet the stand out feature of the garden a collectors Shaun the sheep that you might remember hunting for in Bristol a few years ago.

The build was challenging with no access for a digger onsite and the garden being on different levels was hard to overcome but what an incredible space with exceptional skill all built by the Green Bear Team.

This really shows how important a clever design that incorporates a lighting and planting scheme can be, a great job by #KateSavilllandscapes

One of the most beautiful and peaceful gardens we have built to date.

Update: 01st December 2020

Completed this stunning 'Bradstone' Aspero porcelain patio the other day for Martin and Lisa in Bitton, Bristol. The old concrete paving had no drainage causing puddles to form and was sucking up all the light coming into the house. This beautiful porcelain patio offers all the benefits of porcelain with little maintenance, anti-weather, anti-slip, anti-stain, anti-scratch and what a clean, bright open space to enjoy!

Complete with a brick slot aco drainage channel, bullnose steps, mitre cuts on all returns, recessed paving tray and sunken spots lights. This patio would impress any visitor!

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