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Client - Rebecca and Ian
Bedminster, Bristol

On this project Rebecca and Ian wanted to raise the height of the patio to be flush with their internal floor, we got around this by installing an Aco drainage channel along the house and at the end of their patio along there existing garage and linked both to an underground soakaway 5M away from the house. We then installed air bricks linked to pipes leading to the existing air vents in the house to ensure good air will still be maintained. We then laid a stunning Florence Grey porcelain patio from London Stone for the main patio area and a matching path leading to the rear gate. Rebecca also wanted a feature tiled area and chose this striking black and white design from We also used these to face the step of the patio to help break up the areas in the garden. We then build a raised timber planter using some existing timbers from the old garden and built a dwarf brick wall using the matching blue / black bricks on the house to accommodate the silver birch tree as he wanted a slightly higher ground position and create more planting space. A new lawn was laid and all new treated planed 2x1 was used to create a beautiful new backdrop to the new space all secured with a new T&G gate build by us!

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